Week 52: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Gareth Carrivick, 2009



In the last two decades there certainly was no shortage of time travel movies. Some turned out great, and some were pretty bad. Time travel movies – and time travel in general – always contains at least one paradox, namely a “version” of the grandfather paradox. Someone from the future causes something in the past which renders the future that changed the past impossible. Every time travel movie has its own rules. Good times travel movies know their own rules, and above all, their own paradoxes. They play in to these paradoxes, explain them, or in the very least acknowledge them. “Looper” (2012) does neither one of those things. The movie is so inherently inconsistent about its own rules of cause and effect that the only thing there is left to figure out is why it has such a high rating on IMDb.

Making a time travel movies requires a good script, and above all a story that at least to some point challenges your intelligence to figure out the plot. After seeing “Looper” I was in dire need to watch a time travel movie like this. Therefore I turned to “Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel” (2009) which is, naturally, about time travel. Both the screenwriters and the characters in the movie itself knew the rules, knew the paradoxes, and decided to have a little bit of meta-humorous fun with it. Save yourself a ticket to disappointment, and watch this movie instead of “Looper”… Don’t you wish you could go back in time to warn yourself to wait for the DVD release sometimes?


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