Week 9: Celeste & Jesse Forever

Lee Toland Krieger, 2012



“Celeste & Jesse Forever” (2012) is the kind of romantic movie that the big film studios will never make. Like so many lovers Celeste and Jesse their relationship is one that looks like it will last forever… Until you get to scene two, and then later realize what this movie is really about in scene three. It is always refreshing to see a ‘rom-com’ movie that rises above the perverted Hollywood clichés connect to the term. “Celeste & Jesse Forever” breaks with the classic structure of the romantic comedy and bends its storyline in a different direction; one that is solidified by main actress Rashida Jones’ personal connection to the movie. Even without peaking at the credits, it becomes very obvious that for this film, Jones did her own writing.

What robs “Celeste & Jesse Forever” of its strength a bit though is the small amount of screen time given to the character Veronica, Jesse’s Belgian ‘plus one’. While trying to save her audience from the god-awful cliché’d ‘horrible-new-girlfriend-of-the-main-characters’-ex’-plotline, Jones forgets that it might be important to actually get to know something about this new girl to be able to estimate the strength and reality of Jesse’s new relationship. The Facebook-scene makes up pretty for this gap in the storyline though and eventually by choosing “Celeste & Jesse Forever” you’re guaranteed to have a better night than your friends who just decided to stick to Hollywood’s three-act popcorn love.

P.S.: If you find out who was Jones’ co-writer on this movie after you watch it, you’ll like the film even more.


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