Producer vs. Director: The Case of Zack Snyder

Pim Razenberg on the debate on creative differences between producers and directors…

Creative differences. The clichéd answer to most break-ups between a studio and its directors. Recent examples of cases where “creative differences” were the cause of conflict are the departure of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from the as-of-yet untitled Han Solo anthology film and the much discussed departure of Edgar Wright from Ant-Man. For a director to step up to direct a blockbuster movie means to take on the responsibility of turning a ton of money into tons of money. When such a blockbuster is meant to help shape a financially successful, Marvel-esque cinematic universe, the stakes are even higher. The look and feel of these movies have to fit within certain expectations and must not break the overlapping narrative of the cinematic universe. The level of financial risk involved to create a product audiences feel is worth paying for, warrants the involvement of producers: the gatekeepers of the aforementioned money.

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