Week 6: The Informers

Gregor Jordan, 2008



Some movies make you feel that the end of the world wasn’t such a bad idea after all. “The Informers” (2008) is one of those movies. Similar to other dystopian films such as “It’s all about love” (2003) and “Twelve” (2010) it will leave you with a cold chill and the depressing feeling that along the way, you lost something important. That we all did.

We live in a world where Westerners are embracing the Facebook-mentality a little bit more every day; people “like” each other every once in a while but don’t actually stop to say “hello” anymore. Arrogance and loud voices rule over the Megan Fox-worshipping crowds; religions, ideas and dreams are slammed into the ground and laughed at; agreements and promises no longer hold meaning… Set in the eighties, “The Informers” shows the dark side of an age that we now stereotype as an age of bright colors, disco and camp. One can only hope this movie will help audiences to realize that their own age isn’t exactly following the stereotype of the wondrous age of the digibyte, the memes and the never-ending networks either. The truth can be a most depressing thing.


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